Naphie, Lappish, Sami milking vessel

nahpie02In old days those were used when you milked reindeers in light summer months when the calves was born under the midnightsun. The shape helped to hold the milk in the vessel during milking.

In my production you can find naphie made of birch with hornintarzia in the handle with south Lappish, Sami pattern on the engraving.

Lappish, Sami wooden cups

sameslojd_kasa_m_horninlaggLappish woodcups of birch without antler intarzia Beautiful decorated with engraving in the wood with south Lappish/ Sami pattern.

Lappish, Sami wooden cups with antler inlay

KasahorninlagggravyrA ”kosa” your cup for the rest of your life. Easy to reach from your belt or in your bag for water, coffee – yes for everything you can drink.
From my workshop comes this type of woodcups ”Kosa” made of birch with hornintarzia in the handle. Beautifully engraved with south Lappish, Sami pattern.