Guiding in our Gallery

Adressed to: Group and separate visitors
Location: Volgsjövägen 46, 912 32 Vilhelmina see map
Price: Free of charge. Guiding for groups must be booked in advance, as well as refreshments wich cost 45-125 SEK
Expenditure of time: 45 min-1,5 hour

Let us guide you into the culture of the Sami peple

Make a visit to our gallery ”Risfjells Sameslöjd”. There you can experience Lappish, Sami culture and the history of Vilhelmina district. We also help you to find special places worth a visit while you stay in our magnificient area.

You don´t have to book a visit to our shop. You come as your leissure and browse around in its calm beatiful atmosphere. We would be pleased to answer any questions you may have about our gallery, work or Lappish Sami culture.

In our exhibitions you can take part of different types of ackjor Lappish sledges, old items for daily use from the Lappish, Sami culture, a copy of the old Lappish, Sami bow that I have made, crafts of birchroots, my unique drum made of moose antlers and reindeer skin and a lot of other things.·

If you are coming with a group and wants a guided tour we would be pleased if you contact us a few days before so we can prepare your visit and also if you would like to order coffee for your group.

The biggest lappish, sami knife in the world