Sápmi Experience

We are proud to welcome Risfjells Sameslöjd as a member of Sápmi Experience. With Risfjell Sameslöjd on board the collective knowledge in the Sápmi Experience group is increasing.

Stories, handicraft, and culinary experiences are part of Doris and Sven-Åke concept to teach people in a humble way about Sámi knowledge and traditions. They mix handicraft, art, music and food in their work. They believe in opening all senses when experiencing Sámi culture and life.

Doris and Sven-Åke are very keen students of Sámi history and heritage. They have researched ancestry among the Sámi in Vilhelmina and Malgonäs but know a lot about Sámi families and their ancestry in other areas too. In their little handicraft shop where they sell their own work the keen interest in history has also led to a small museum being created with a collection of exquisite Sámi art and handicraft. The Risfjells are sought after lecturers way beyond the borders of Sápmi and they contribute to the Sámi heritage being made known and thereby secured for future generations.

Source: http://www.visitsapmi.com/en/Articles/Sapmi-Experience/Risfjells-Sami-handicraft-and-experiences/