Genuine Lappish, Sami handicraft Sámi Duodji

Lappish, Sami handicraft Sami Duodji is Lappish handmade products for dresses,cooking, tools and decoration. Charecteristic for genuine Lappish, Sámi handicraft is that it is made of nature material as wood, horn and skin, has a direct using function, the proportions are well balanced, rich decorated, band and textile in bright colours otherwise in colours in harmony with the nature

Duodji has a long tradition. In archeological searchings they has found finds from Lappish, Sami living places of different material that are thousands of years old. From 10 000 year old rockcarvings in Scandinavien and Kolahalvön (Peninsula island ) you can recognize Lappish, Sami forms. The wellformed Lappish, Sami handicraft is a part of the old way of nomad living carried from generation to generation.

When you buy a Duodji product you get a part of the Lappish, Sami way of living and a part of their wisdom. You can buy Lappish, Sami handicraft in our shop, our webshop other special shops that sells craftmenship , and from  other craftsmen themselves. Lappish, Sami handicraft is today a wellknown form of art.

Lappish, Sami handicraft marked with the sign Sami Duodji is a guarantee for genuine Lappish Sami handicraft.

The symbol of lappish/sami handicraft